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Grace Limousine

Thank you so much for considering Grace as your chauffeured car solution. Since 1990, my family has taken great pride in guaranteeing best-in-class service to each client on every single ride, day in and day out. We’ve built our brand on fulfilling that guarantee, and look forward to continuing to bring exceptional value and peace of mind to each passenger who entrusts Grace with their or their loved one’s travel.

As a family business, know you will not find a more conscientious, more accessible management team than what you have here at Grace. If you have anything to share regarding our successes, or opportunities for continuous improvement, please don’t hesitate to call me at 603-657-9472 or to shoot me an email at

Thanks again for giving Grace a shot at your business. We look forward to getting to know you.

Mike Campbell
President & CEO

Mission/Vision Statement

Grace Limousine does not aspire to be “the low-cost competitor.” Instead, we are the leader for value, consistently providing quality ground transportation by a team of trained professionals dedicated to delivering the best customer service.