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Group Transportation Breakdown

Need a ride for you and 10-36 of your closest friends? Check out our versatile shuttle services! Our shuttles can get you where you are going in style, safety, and comfort: sporting events, weddings, corporate events, corporate road shows, nights out, getting to work, getting to school, going skiing, going to the casinos, hosting tours--the possibilities are endless!  

The key is to think about who you are transporting as well as how many passengers you have. Do you have children, teens, seniors, executives, or a mixture of any of these?

What are the differences between our shuttles? What vehicle will meet your needs? With so many options, it can be intimidating. Here is a breakdown to help you make the right choice...

Bigger Than You Think

John Campbell, official employee at Grace Limousine since 1997, and my grandfather since 1977. You will hear more about his most memorable fight a little further on. I was honored to sit down with "Papa John" and ask him a few questions about himself, his employment with Grace, and what keeps him coming back for more. This November will mark his 90th birthday, and up until just recently he came in 7 days a week to clean, run errands, shovel, and take care of many other aspects of the family business. Finally, about a year and a half ago, we talked him into taking Mondays off, so he's currently down to a measly 6 days a week (sarcasm intended)...

Limo Patriot Ride

Limo Patriot Ride

I’ve been riding motorcycles since I bought a Harley in 2003. There’s nothing like it! After the last day of an LCT convention in Las Vegas in 2014, Chuck Sutton from Sutton Limousine, and I decided to get out of the smoky casino and rent Harleys. We rode out into Red Rock Canyon, and later posted pictures. Many fellow industry friends contacted me saying they wanted to do a big ride after the following year’s Vegas event, and I decided I wanted to make it a charity event...

The Driving Force Behind Grace Limousine

The Driving Force Behind Grace Limousine

Editors Note: The following is the first of many Q&A’s with employees of Grace Limousine to find out who they are and what keeps them motivated as members of a leading limousine company serving New Hampshire, the Merrimack Valley and Boston North. First up is the founder himself.

As the president and CEO of Grace Limousine, Michael Campbell has to wear many hats. Here’s everything you need to know—silly and serious—about Michael’s role both inside and outside of Grace...