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#iTrustGrace Contest Winner

About our #iTrustGrace Contest

There are so many amazing companies we work with and trust both in business and in our personal lives. This got us thinking about why we choose one company over another and what makes a relationship last. As you can see from our month over month survey results, we are continuously striving to provide professional service, timely transport, and comfort. That being said, we don't think that is what keeps our satisfaction rates consistently in the high 90's and above. It is deeper than that - there is trust and a personal relationship with the brands we allow in our lives. It is because of this that we decided to launch our #iTrustGrace contest.

We requested that each time our clients used our services, that they post a photo to social media using the #iTrustGrace hashtag. We gathered all the photos and posted them to an album on our Facebook page. Each quarter, we select a winner of the best photo and the winner is awarded a gift basket and a feature in our blog and newsletter.

Winner – Business NH Magazine

  Photo Contest Submission – What’s not to love?

Photo Contest Submission – What’s not to love?

Business NH Magazine was started in 1983 as New Hampshire's first statewide monthly business publication. Today, the magazine is known for its in-depth business coverage, special reports and directories, and competitions that celebrate the strength of the state's business community. It continues to be NH's only monthly business publication with a readership of 50,000 key decision-makers and business leaders.

In 2016, Business NH Magazine will celebrate its 31st anniversary!

Heidi J. Copeland, president of Millyard Communications Inc., purchased Business NH Magazine in 2010. Millyard Communications currently operates three divisions that include magazine publishing, contract publishing and Events NH.

Top: From left to right, Heidi Copeland and Tom Casey.
Bottom: From left to right, Matt Mowry, Christine Carignan, and Gisela Weber.

Grace Office Manager, Heather Campbell, stopped by Business NH Magazine personally to drop off their swag package. They were a very happy bunch and we had a very nice meeting to ask them why they trust Grace. Matt and Heidi responded with, “Grace is reliable, friendly and professional. You’re easy to work with and you have great drivers." 

Love the sentiment and we adore the hats on them! Thank you, Business NH Magazine, for trusting Grace. We are so honored.

Keep sending us your contest submissions! We will choose another submission to showcase next quarter!